5 Reasons to Go to the Tanning Salon

Do you love to tan, but are afraid to because of all you’ve heard about the damage that tanning can do to your skin, your body, and the cancers it can cause? Though immense amount of exposure to UV rays has been linked to melanoma, there are many other lifestyle choices and aspects of one’s health that are directly linked to skin cancer, as well. Exposure to sun doesn’t in many cases doesn’t cause melanoma. With that being said, there are actually a lot of health benefits that you can receive from tanning in a salon!

1. Makes You Happy

UV exposure can greatly improve your mood and increase your overall positivity! The UV rays that you enjoy at one of our tanning salons can increase serotonin levels, the brain’s happy hormone, thus can improve your current mood and your overall outlook on life! Repeat sessions can actually change or at least have great affects on your brain chemistry. Though many things influence our mood and how we view life, a few sessions at the tanning salon can make a big different!  

2. Improves Overall Health

Exposure to UV rays at our tanning salon can greatly benefit your physical health, as well! The production of vitamin D has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, and improving hormone imbalances, and helping other health issues. Though you can take vitamin D supplements, vitamin D gained from UV ray exposure is more powerful. When you are feeling happier from elevated serotonin levels, your overall health can improve due to eliminated stress, desire to be active, and more!




3. Pain Relief

Spending time at the tanning salon has also been linked to pain relief. Sun exposure can greatly reduce muscle and joint stiffness, and achiness. UV rays warm the muscles and other tissues causing greater elasticity. As warming up before a workout can reduce the risk for injury, so does muscles warmed by the UV rays of the tanning bed. Also, it has been shown that improved mental health can have great effects for pain relief!

4. Improved Skin

Sun and the UV rays found in tanning beds at your local tanning salon, can also improve your skin! Not only do you get a lovely glow or color from time spent in the tanning bed, UV ray exposure can heal acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Additionally, when you are spending time at the tanning salon, you are likely paying more attention to your skin and hopefully taking better care of it by moisturizing and exfoliation.

5. Improves Confidence

With all these benefits, tanning at a tanning salon also improves your confidence. Not only does improved mental health from elevated serotonin levels, pain relief, and improved physical health contribute to a healthy confidence, but also looking and feeling your best is a major factor. When you tan, you will look and feel smaller, and may feel more social and likely to take social risks. You may have more clothing options due to improved color and feel more inclined to buy clothes that show off your beautiful self.

Why Tan Indoors?

Now that you know all the benefits of UV rays, you may be thinking, “Why do I need to go to a tanning salon when I could just tan outside?” The reason why going to a tanning salon is better for you is that you have control over how much UV radiation you are exposed to, which can greatly improve your tanning experience if you are fair-skinned or new to tanning. Due to environmental factors, tanning outside leaves you vulnerable to sunburn which can cause long-term skin damage and premature aging. Avoid over exposure and your “sun fix” at your local tanning salon!

House of Tans Tanning Salon

Come to House of Tans, your local tanning salon. We have state of the art equipment that is effective and incredibly comfortable, and our associates are always here to help you. In addition to tanning, we also offer body wraps, teeth whitening services while you tan, and spray tanning. We are here to help you enhance your natural beauty with our services at our tanning salon. We have locations in Gainesville, Spring Hill, Trinity, Brooksville, and New Port Richey. Learn more about the services at our tanning salon on our website and call us for an appointment!

Posted on April 3, 2017 in Blog, Tanning Salon Gainesville

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