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House Of Tans

House of Tans tanning salon, now with 5 great tanning salon locations in Trinity, New Port Richey, Brooksville, Spring Hill and Gainesville strives to provide our customers with the best tanning experience through great customer service, high-quality tanning beds, professional spray tans, comprehensive tanning product knowledge, and competitive pricing. All this in an extremely sanitary, exciting, and enjoyable environment with state-of-the-art tanning equipment. In addition to spray tans and tanning beds, we also offer professional teeth whitening with Twilight teeth products and Fit body wraps! At House of Tans, it is important to us to give our customers a great tanning experience and to make every customer feel like they are right at home! Contact us today!


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  • Rates never change, you are grandfathered at your price for life
  • No annual renewal fees.
  • Discounted upgrades.
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Ask your tanning salon associate how you can sign up for the House of Tans VIP membership program today and save!

VIP members at our tanning salon get discounts on lotions and upgrades as well as exclusive specials.

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$10 Spray Booth Sessions or Level 5 Sessions


$5 Tan (Level 2 & 3)


Half off single sessions!



$5 Tan (Level 2 & 3)


$20 Tan & Spray Booth Session

Sat & Sunday

Wild Weekends! Half off upgrades!



Spray Tanning

Teeth Whitening

Fit Body Wrap



Hours & Location


Hours & Location

New Port Richey

Hours & Location

Spring Hill

Hours & Location


Hours & Location




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