7 Musts for a Lasting Tan

Summer is right around the corner and we are already wearing all those summer clothes that we have missed and putting away our sweaters. You may have already been at the gym working on your swimsuit body, but what about your tan? Have you started getting your skin to that perfect golden brown color? Maybe you have, but don’t know how to keep your skin glowing and sun-kissed. To maintain your tan you must take care of it and your skin. Regardless, if you’ve been tanning all year or just starting your tan, here are some ways to get the most out of your time at the tanning salon and make your tan last.


First, before you go to the tanning salon in Trinity or at one of our other locations, be sure to exfoliate well. Your tan comes from a pigment in your skin that is stimulated by the sun called melanin: Melanin, which is located in the top layer of your skin, is what gives you your tan. Every two weeks your skin sheds its top layer and so, before you jump into the tanning bed, be sure to spend some time exfoliating to get the dead skin cells that your body is in the process of shedding off and out of the way. There are many types of scrubs that you can use. For the best results, use a scrub that also has moisturizing properties, such as one with oil. You can even make your own with with coconut oil and sugar. For best results, check out the scrubs available at our local tanning salon.


Keeping your skin hydrated is key to getting the most out of your tan. Though your skin does shed every couple of weeks, extra dry skin has more to shed than moisturized skin and will shed more often. Hydrate your skin using lotions and oils daily. The best time to moisturize is right after you’ve gotten out of the shower: Your skin is the most ready to absorb moisture when it is warm and the pores are open. Also, a key to keeping your skin glowing is to drink water. It’s easy to drink coffee all day, or grab a soda, but our bodies need around 8-10, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Drinking coffee and other diuretics will dehydrate you and may cause you to need to drink even more water. Listen to your body and drink water throughout your day to keep your body functioning at it’s best and your skin glowing before and after your tanning salon.


Not only do you need to keep you skin hydrated, but you must keep it healthy, by giving it the nutrients it needs. Not only will generally eating healthy improve your skin, but eating certain types of foods will help keep your skin healthy, moisturized and glowing. Foods such as avocados, nuts, and coconut oil that have natural healthy oils are can not only improve your overall health in many way, but are also good for your skin. Foods with beta-carotene and lycopene such as carrots and tomatoes can help prolong melanin production thus maintaining your tan, as well. Having a healthy diet will help you feel your best and keep your skin glowing long after you leave the tanning salon.




Avoid Waxing

Waxing is an effective way to get silky smooth skin, but you should avoid it after you’ve spent time at the tanning salon. Waxing, though incredibly effective at removing unwanted hair, is an exfoliant. Shaving also exfoliates, but if you must remove hair after tanning, opt for shaving. The best option would be to wax or shave prior to your tanning session. If you must wax, research to see what local waxing options are available to you. There are some types of wax that do not cling to the skin as much as others and may lessen the amount of exfoliation that occurs. Remember to keep up with moisturizing after your waxing or shaving sessions.

Keep Tanning

The best way to keep up your tan is to keep tanning. Though this may seem obvious, some forget that tans must be maintained. Due to the fact that your skin sheds – as we mentioned previously in this post – eventually your beautiful tan that you had a month ago will fade. The amount of time you spend tanning and the number of sessions you need to maintain depends on the results you are looking for and your skin type. Talk to a professional at our tanning salon in Trinity to find out how you can keep up your tan and achieve the results that you want.  

Spray Tan

Spray tanning and fake tanning products are another way to keep your skin glowing and maintain that perfect skin tone until your next session at the tanning salon. Spray tanning will give you that extra glow and may also have moisturizing properties that will keep your skin happy and healthy. Many sunless tanning products used for maintaining a spray tan will add a little extra color when you don’t want or need the results of a spray tan. Interested in a spray tan? Keep reading for more information!

Want that Perfect Tan? Make An Appointment with House of Tans!

Want that perfect sun-kissed look? Get and keep up the perfect tan at House of Tans in Trinity or at one of our other locations. We offer a variety of comfortable and modern tanning beds, that will not only give you that perfect tan, but can give you a few moments of relaxation during your day. Tanning not your thing? Or just want to keep that tan looking great? Get a spray tan! We offer spray tanning services that will not turn you orange and are formulated to eliminate streaking and spotting. We also offer other services that will enhance your tan and make your look and feel your best.

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